LipoSelection? by Vaser®


    Vaser® LipoSelection? is a revolutionary advance in ultra-sonic liposuction. People with fatty areas of the body, resistant to diet and exercise, can now enjoy a gentle and quick body contouring solution with results that are far more predictable than those of traditional liposuction. The key to LipoSelection is the ability to target only the unwanted pockets of fat for removal, leaving the surrounding areas of the body, such as nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues, relatively undisturbed. This is an exciting breakthrough, so gentle that it originated from the treatment of brain tumors!

    Liposuction by Vaser®, called LipoSelection?, accomplishes this selective tissue removal by using a combination of surgical elements. First, the targeted area is filled with a numbing saline-solution that liquefies the fat pockets. Then, only the fat cells are removed with a gentle combination of suction, dispersed ultrasonic energy, and massage. Because the probes used in LipoSelection? are smaller, 3.5mm to 4mm, the necessary entry incisions are extremely small.

    Vaser® LipoSelection? surpasses traditional liposuction in a number of ways. The lesser invasion of the body promotes faster healing, meaning less bruising, less pain, and a faster recovery. Imagine getting the smooth and shapely look that you've always wanted and being able to return to your normal activities in only days!

    Disclaimer: LipoSelection was approved by the FDA in September 2002 for the removal of fat from the human body. The new procedure carries a reduced risk of complications such as contour irregularities, lengthy periods of swelling, blood clots, seromas, skin discoloration and prolonged numbing. When complications do occur with LipoSelection, they are often less severe than when they are associated with typical liposuction. As stated before, the recovery period after LipoSelection is typically measured in days, however the recovery time depends on the extent of the surgery performed.


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