Are Tanning Beds Worth Your Time


    There is no denying that we live in a world of convenience. Our daily lives depend on gadgets and devices such as the ubiquitous mobile phone, the trustworthy PDA, and our cars that we cannot live without.

    It is no wonder that the indoor tanning salon got invented. People who want to get darker are bound to look for a better way to get a nice, even tan, without the complexities, inconvenience and danger of the open sun.

    These days, tanning salons are full-fledged establishments with top-of-the-line tanning products and equipment. Although you are paying for something that you can technically get for free, you receive in return a more even tan in a much more shorter time-frame. Ever spend three hours in the sun just waiting for the perfect tan? Well, look forward to spending twenty minutes in a tanning saloon for even better results.

    Of course like the sun, tanning beds still emit the ultra-violet (UV) rays UV A, UV B, and UV C, so you have to watch your exposure. Many people think that just because it is a semi-artificial and human-controlled method, that it is safer and less dangerous. It is not. You still have to be careful and take care of your skin.

    By practicing smart tanning in moderation, people can derive the best out of a tan. To tan smart, use a good lotion, wear protective eyewear, and never let yourself burn. After your tanning session, try to apply moisturizers liberally to replace the moisture lost.


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