Permanent Cosmetics


    What is Permanent Makeup?

    Permanent makeup is a state-of-the-art form of cosmetic tattooing. The specialized techniques used for permanent cosmetics are often referred to as micropigmentation, micropigment implantation or dermagraphics. The cosmetic implantation technique deposits tiny individual implants of pigment into the dermal layer of skin to enhance facial features. The 3 most common procedures are eyebrows, eyeliner and full lip color. How Is It Done?

    Permanent cosmetic procedures are performed using various machines, including the traditional (or specialized) tattoo or coil machines; the pen or rotary machine and the non-machine or hand tool method.

    What Can Be Done?

    - Eyebrows - Eyeliner - LipLiner - Full Lips - Cleft Lip - Beauty Marks-Skin Grafts-Scar Camouflage-Areola repigmentation

    Who Benefits?

    Women who:

    ? Have sparse brows and are tired of brow pencils
    ? Are tired of their makeup smearing
    ? Are athletic, yet still want to look their best
    ? Are allergic to conventional cosmetics
    ? Wear contact lenses
    ? Want to streamline their daily makeup rŠ¹gime
    ? Have colorless lips or uneven lip borders
    ? Have had breast reconstruction surgery (can tattoo an areola)
    ? Have scars and want them blended with their surrounding normal skin

    "Does it hurt?"

    Topical cream anesthetics are used to numb the area. Most people equate the sensation as similar to tweezing or waxing. Nancy provides instructions which further promote comfort. Not following instructions can promote bleeding and increase sensitivity. Permanent makeup intrigues me, ?..I don't know much about it??..

    You probably know of someone who has permanent makeup and they love it. Or you may have seen or heard stories of bad work. It seems that the media is more likely to expound on the horror stories rather than the beautiful work that can be permanent makeup.

    What Could Help Me Know If Permanent Makeup Is For Me?

    First you must determine if there is something about your face, or body that you're unhappy with. Say your brows are sparse, you use pencil every day and you're tired of it. You may want to look into what permanent makeup can do for you. If you've had breast reconstruction and the areola/nipple was not replaced, then a permanent makeup artist can tattoo one on, making a woman feel whole again. Napoleon Hill said "We Refuse to Believe What We Don't Understand". Without further knowledge the average person cannot make an educated decision about whether or not something will work for them. This means learn as much as possible about permanent makeup prior to making a a firm decision about it.

    What Things Should I Look For In A Technician?

    Once you have decided that you want permanent makeup, find out more about the technician. See if they have a website; visit that website. See if the information provided makes sense to you. Did you learn anything from it? Contact the technician, but instead of first asking "how much it costs?", do this:

    1) Learn as much about permanent makeup yourself before you talk to a prospective technician. Remember, this is your body/face - you need to do your research and not rely only on the information they provide you.

    2) How many procedures have they done?

    3) What educational training have they had?

    4) Do they have a portfolio of "before" and "after" photos you can review? Do you like what you see?

    5) Does the technician seem interested in you?

    6) Are they willing to provide answers to your questions?

    7) Meet with her for a consultation.

    8) Do you get a good feeling about this technician?

    9) Ask how she keeps the procedure safe.

    10) Then ask for costs. However, be advised this is not the industry to be looking for bargain basement prices?...you will get what you pay for?...trust me. I've repaired work that was inexpensive to the client who was only price shopping.

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    Nancy LaTouche is a Board Certified Permanent Makeup Technician/Artist/Consultant.


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