Bariatric Surgery Contributes to Rise in Body Contouring Procedures in Michiana


    Elkhart, IN - A newly released report from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) details statistics and consumer attitudes toward cosmetic surgery in Indiana, and many of the numbers mirror similar trends in Michiana, according to Dr. Ronald Downs and Dr. Patrick Viscardi of The Centre, P. C.

    ASAPS reports that 2003 saw a large increase in the number of body contouring procedures, with liposuction being the number one surgical procedure for both women and men. Other body contouring procedures increased by the following percentages: tummy tucks, 42%; lower body lifts, 127%; thigh lifts, 109%; and upper arm lifts, 68%.

    "Some of these increases are attributable to the rise in bariatric surgery," said Dr. Ronald Downs, a member of ASAPS. Bariatric surgery is a relatively new procedure that helps people lose massive amounts of weight. "Such massive weight loss can leave skin sagging, so people choose these body contouring procedures to remove excess skin and fat. We are seeing that bariatric surgery in Michiana is also on the upswing."

    As Indiana consumers continue to become more focused on looks, the facial procedures are also rising. The popularity of Botox in Indiana, for example, contributed to a dramatic rise nationwide in nonsurgical procedures (a 22% increase in 2003). Surgical facial procedures were also up by the following percentages: eyelid surgery in Elkhart and forehead lift in Michiana, 17% each; facelifts, 1% (the number of facelifts on men increased by 23%).

    "We are finding that new techniques that help reduce recovery time for many facial procedures contribute to an increase in their popularity," said Dr. Patrick Viscardi. "Most people find a lengthy recovery period inconvenient and costly. With these new techniques, people are back to their daily lifestyle more quickly."


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