Is Cosmetic Surgery Right For You?


    For many of us, we go through most of our lives paying minimal attention to our skin. Sure, we moisturize and hopefully use our SPF30 on a regular basis but pamperingour skin on a daily basis is not practical for most people.

    Then one day we wake up and notice that the face we've paid little attention to over the years has just started looking a little worn. We might begin to see a few morenoticeable lines or we might look a little tired with bags under our eyes. Our eyelids may look a bit droopier and our cheeks might sag a little more than they use to.

    Ten to twenty years ago there weren't many options to droopy, saggy, wrinkled skin but today we have lots of them and cosmetic surgery is looming to the top of the list as one of the most popular remedies around.

    Did you know that according to the American Societyof Plastic Surgeons, men accounted for 1.2 millioncosmetic procedures in 2004? It's a known fact thatmen don't want to look any older than women do.

    According to the American Society of PlasticSurgeons (ASPS) the top 5 cosmetic procedures were:

    For women:
    1 Liposuction
    2 Breast Augmentation
    3 Eyelid Surgery
    4 Facelift
    5 Chemical Peel

    For Men:
    1 Nose Reshaping
    2 Eyelid Surgery
    3 Liposuction
    4 Hair Transplantation
    5 Breast Reduction

    The new five-year trending data shows cosmeticprocedures are up 24 percent from 2000.

    So is cosmetic surgery right for you?

    Well, I can't speak for everyone but there are a few thingsto consider and some questions you should ask yourself before going under the knife..

    First and foremost, cosmetic surgery is 'surgery' and ithurts - ouch! As with any surgery, there is a healingperiod and there is swelling and puffiness immediately afterwards. Don't expect to look beautiful right out of surgery. It's going to take some time and patience.

    Understand that a nose job or a face lift won't necessarily make you beautiful and it probably won't change how the world feels about you. In fact, patients have been known to feel a sense of disappointment after their procedures and for this reason it's important to understand how significant the changes will be, they may only be very subtle.

    If you're considering plastic surgery ask yourself these things first:

    Why do I want cosmetic surgery? Who am I doing this for?

    If it's because your friend says you have a big nose or if you think looking more beautiful for your husband he will pay more attention to you then, you're a poor candidate. Hoping to impress your friends or hoping your husband will be more attentive are poor reasons.

    A new face, nose or body won't change how others feel about you and if it does, it will only be temporary.

    Can I afford This?

    Most cosmetic surgery is not covered by healthinsurance unless it is health related. If you have to scrape money together to do this you're better offlooking into non-surgical or less invasive treatments.

    What if the results are not what I expected? Again, there's a chance that expectations won't be met. Be sure you are ready financially and emotionally to undergo more treatment if you're results are underwhelming.

    As with any high cost, risky procedure, think it through. Don't act on a whim. Discuss the procedure with relativesand friends. Get some outside opinions.

    If you're still interested in pursuing cosmetic surgery be sure you are in good health. A good candidate doesn't smoke, is emotionally stable and does not experience any major healthdisorders such as heart disease, diabetes or blood pressureissues.

    Elizabeth McGee is an online skincare consultant whoreviews skincare products and their benefits.


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