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    Why to let people know your age when you can keep them guessing? But shedding off years from your appreance isnt always a piece of cake. At times, it can present a picture where you are trying a bit too hard which you should avoid. But there are some magic tips which you can always use to hide your age

    1) Give special attention to neck while moisturising your face. Neck reflects your age.

    2) Regularly follow a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin.

    3) Frame your face well with layers instead of keeping it all in one length while getting a haircut for yourself.

    4) Dont apply too much of make-up. It echoes your frustration related to your ageing skin.

    5) Always go in for cream-based cheek color over powdered one.

    6) Caramels, dusty pinks topped with gloss make make the lips much younger.

    7) Avoid brown, deep mauves, matte reds.

    8) For those with glasses, opt in for coloured plastic glasses rather than metal frames.

    9) Choose from grey or brown eyeliners. NO BLACK EYELINERS.

    10) Fringes and bangs look very cute and throws you into your earlier times.

    11) Take special care of your eyebrows. Its very important in taking off years from your face. Go for a medium thick brow that looks like it's naturally in good shape.

    12) Most important of all, Quit Smoking right now. It infacts make you look much older than you are. Get some Quit Smoking painlessly: Effective Tips at http://www. weightloss-health. com/quit_smoking_ways. htm

    THE IDEA IS TO PAMPER YOURSELF WITH THESE ANTI-AGEING TIPS which can really do wonders for you.

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