What Is This Passion for Tanning?


    Tanned skin is very popular among gorgeous women. Everybodywants to have attractive bronzed looks. Whether you are ona date, a business trip or partying, a perfect tan can makeyou the center of attraction.

    Having a tan is hot, and many teens and celebrities acrossthe country seem to agree. Throughout the 20th century andindeed in the previous one, men and women hung out at thepool or the beach, soaking up rays to get a tan. However, with the advent of tanning beds you can enjoy the perfecttan right in the privacy of your home or saloon.

    Tanning results from sunrays. The sun emits two types ofradiations - UVA and UVB. UVB radiation burns the upperlayers of skin (the epidermis) causing sunburns. UVAradiation penetrates the lower layers (the dermis) andcauses tanning. However, a sunbath exposes our body tounlimited and uncontrolled dose of ultraviolet radiations. Studies have proved that an overdose of these radiationscan cause skin cancer.

    Sunbathing is a natural process of tanning, but it takes alot of time. The young generation is not fortunate enoughto have enough free time for sunbathing as earliergenerations had. Many of them may not have spare timeduring the day at all.

    Tanning beds and tanning lotions have emerged to help them. The tanning beds create a similar environment as under thesun. Unlike sunrays, however, a tanning bed controls theamount and nature of rays. This ensures that the harmfuleffects of radiation are controlled. This is a greatadvantage of tanning beds and you can enjoy the perfect tanwithout exposing your skin to harmful radiation.

    Tanning beds control the amount and time of ultravioletradiation. A tanning bed programs the emission andintensity of ultraviolet rays according to the recipient'sbody. The tanning beds stop the radiations after thestipulated time. In fact, a tanning bed is like acontrolled dose of ultraviolet rays.

    Tanning machines and tanning beds require a few precautionsbecause of the presence of ultraviolet light. Some of theprecautions required for tanning beds are:

    * You should always wear protective eye goggles while usingthe tanning beds. Tanning saloons have the gogglesavailable for their clients. Never use a tanning bedwithout the goggles because ultraviolet rays are moreharmful to the retina than to your skin.

    * Tanning Bed Exposure Timings: It is important to observethe tanning bed timings. Over exposure at the tanning bedscould be harmful. Exposure times also vary with the brandof bed. Make sure you are following the manufacturer'sguidelines. You can check other regulations with localDepartment of Health & Human Services.

    Using a tanning bed is quite a simple activity. Just a fewsessions and you will find everyone asking about where youhave been to!


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