10 Important Sunless Tanning Safety Tips


    If you are a sunless tanner, your skin's health is very important toyou. Here are some tips for you to review at your leisure and sharewith your friends and family. After you have read them, return oncein awhile for a refresher so that you will keep safety foremost andalways in your sunless tanning program.

    1. Shaving - Avoid shaving right before applying sunless tanningproducts to avoid irritation.

    2. Lighten up - For areas you want to protect from getting too dark, pre-apply baby oil, gel or lotion to places like your knees andelbows, then use sunless tanner.

    3. Streaking - Getting wet too soon after applying sunless tanningproducts could result in streaks. So wait after applications, atleast two hours or so, before swimming, showering or bathing.

    4. Orange - To avoid orange hands when applying products, cheap, disposable gloves from a dime or wholesale store are great to use. Regardless of glove wearing, thoroughly wash hands and fingernailsafter application.

    5. Expunge - Eliminate dead skin via washing or exfoliating beforeapplying sunless tanning products.

    6. Special Areas - When using self-tanning products with your knees, feet, hands and elbows, either dilute first with a moisturizinglotion or use very small amounts when gently rubbing in. Rubbing witha make-up sponge applicator works well for these areas, too.

    7. How-to-Apply - To apply sunless tanning products, begin workingon a small area. Gently, in an even manner, rub in the productgenerously. Reach out to other areas in a swirling, but still gentleand even rub, rather than going in an up-and-down direction. To reachyour back, try using a sponge paint roller or sponge paintbrush; alittle goes a long way, so slow and steady does it.

    8. Fabric Stains - Be careful when using sunless tanning agents thatlist padimate O, lisadimate, aminobenzoic acid or roxadimate in theingredients. These may cause discoloration, staining fabrics ayellowish hue.

    9. Inside / Outside - Remember that when you use sunless or self-tanning products, if they list no sunscreen in their ingredients, youwill not be protected from harmful UV rays. And even if you are usinga sunscreen, it does not last or work beyond a few hours. So takecaution running in and out, and be prepared. Either carry along moresunscreen product to reapply or wear, and carry or take protectiveclothing and gear.

    10. Eyewear - For those enjoying a lot of outdoor weather, checkinto investing in good protective eyewear. Read labels for 100% UVprotection. Check with a pharmacist or healthcare provider for helpselecting appropriate levels for children and yourself.

    By carefully considering these sunless tanning tips, you can helpensure you safely keep that wonderful glow all year long and enjoythe sizzle without the sun!

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