Sunglasses - The Benefits of Wearing Shades


    1. To keep the sun out of your eyes. The lenses should be large enough to actually protect your eyes from the sun.

    2. To cut down on glare. Polarized sunglasses help to cut down on glare and make things much clearer.

    3. To help prevent cataracts. A pair of sunglasses with a high UV protection factor are recommended.

    4. To keep other people from recognizing you. Hollywood stars use sunglasses in this way quite often.

    5. To hide the fact that you've been crying. The darker the lenses of your sunglasses, the better for this purpose.

    6. To spice up an outfit. Sunglasses come in many colors and styles so that you can accessorize nicely with any ensemble.

    7. To keep the wind out of your eyes. This is especially helpful while riding a motorcycle.

    8. To protect your eyes while playing sports. Be sure to have sunglasses with impact-resistant lenses.

    9. To accentuate your looks. Your facial shape can drive which shape of sunglasses look best on you.

    10. To look cool! Enough said!

    Copyright © 2005 Susan Daniel and Debbie Overstreet


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