Theatrical Contact Lenses: An Insight into the World of Cinema & Special Effects


    Ever wonder how stage actors or movie characters get that eerily captivating look in their eyes? Sure, there is always the CG and special effects route in the movies. Certain lighting schemes can invoke various feelings on the stage. However, the majority of the time, that intrinsic look is a result of theatrical contact lenses.

    Given the right situation and storyline, theatrical contacts can transform your viewing experience from observer to active participant. In suspenseful thrillers, theatrical contacts can just flat out scare you. In the world outside of theatrics, they also do a pretty great job of terrifying children of all ages around Halloween as well.

    If you are trying to find the particular contact used by your favorite monster in the latest horror movie, you may be out of luck. Most movies have special effect contacts specially designed to fit the character's needs. However, if you search around deep enough, you may stumble across a generic knockoff that generates the same effect.

    Although there are a variety of companies that manufacture and sell theatrical contacts, the two most popular brands carried by most opticians are CooperVision's Crazy Lenses and CIBA Vision's WildEyes. CIBA Vision also makes the immensely popular FreshLook line of color contacts.

    It is important to note that the same rules for purchasing, wearing, replacing, and caring for regular contact lenses also apply for theatrical contact lenses and cosmetic lenses. This means that you must have a prescription to purchase them. Even if you don't need vision correction, you must still go to an optometrist to be examined, prescribed, and fitted for all styles of contact lenses including special effects contacts.

    If you are looking for a fun way to breathe new life into a character, transform your production without costly cg effects or simply terrify kids this Halloween season, look into purchasing a pair of theatrical contact lenses. There are numerous varieties to choose from. Talk to your optometrist about ordering your new pair of special effect contact lenses today.


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